Like a true 2016 love story, Jackson and I met when we both swiped right on Bumble. Romantic, I know. He likes to make fun of my clever pickup line of “Hi,” and I like to look down at the ring on my left hand and say “well I guess it worked.” We texted and FaceTimed for a few weeks after matching on Bumble (and Jackson blowing off our first official date) before deciding we really needed to meet. By that time, Jackson was already back at school in Arizona while I was busy at school in Southern California. With limited options and a few months before Jackson would be back home for summer break, I decided to book a flight to Phoenix to see if we would hit it off in person. Yes my parents were worried, and yes, we’ve heard of the show Catfish. There are a lot of words to describe me, but clearly “safe” isn’t one of them. The trip to Phoenix went well, and I called my parents on my way home to tell them “I think I’m gonna marry this guy.”On our second date, Jackson asked me to be his girlfriend. On our third date I met his family, and by the fourth date we were already saying “I love you.” To say it progressed quickly would be an understatement, but like my mama has always told me, “when you know, you know.” After 8 months of long distance, life changes, and too many airport pick-ups and drop-offs to count, Jackson proposed at Disneyland with our families there to witness. We are absolutely ecstatic to start this new chapter, and we’re looking forward to starting a life together in North Carolina where Jackson is in medical school (don’t worry mom, we’ll make it back to the west coast eventually). It is our goal to fight for each other through the hard times, to make time for each other while battling the schedules of school and a nursing career, to choose love daily, and to glorify the Lord through our marriage. We are thankful for your support and cannot wait to celebrate with you in June!