Jessica and I met in October 2014, shortly after I helped plant Compass HB. The first time we talked was her second week coming to the college group, and shortly after meeting I told her about my lifelong dream of becoming a fireman (which she really respected/liked. Score!). Fast forward a couple weeks to Halloween, our church had a fall festival where I was helping out at one of the booths. Jessica came that night and I asked her if she wanted to go evangelizing with me and some of the other college students the next day with the church and maybe get some lunch afterwards. She said she'd love to and I got her number! Then I went to work asking the other college students to go the next day. Coincidentally no one could make it. Well, she still came the next morning and I graciously offered to carpool with her to the location. On the way back we grabbed some coffee and talked. It didn't actually go too well but I guess it didn't take the interest away from each other because I started actively pursuing her not too long after, and she seemed to genuinely like me! Fast forward a little bit more to 12/13/14 (an easy date to remember) when we had our first date. We ate sandwiches, watched the sunset, and admired Christmas lights at Dana Point Harbor. That night DID go well and I asked her to be my official girlfriend! She said yes, and the rest is history!

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